LifecycleStor is part of Reciprocal Group offering companies the opportunity to significantly reduce OPEX (up to 75%) by extending the life of existing out of warranty data storage and server equipment whilst cutting the cost of the ongoing manufacturers’ maintenance and support. LifecycleStor delivers an unrivalled level of IT support incorporating 3rd party maintenance services customised to fit your requirements.

Our accompanying Professional Services portfolio offers a wide range of high level skills. These are supplied by our in house accredited technical engineers and include, data assessments, data migrations, Implementations and high level consultancy. Equally, customers can complement their own skills by calling on pre-paid units of eDave Consultancy Services.


Meet Our Engineers?

LifecycleStor’s technical team have achieved the highest level of expert certification across multiple Vendors platforms. Contact us and get an expert service you need.

What we do

One of the core service components we provide is the breathing space required to allow for due diligence to be performed on hardware refreshes and migration projects.

The ability to mitigate the risk of exposure to service interruption of any kind, on any particular technology platform, is fundamentally reassuring. Specialist technical knowledge and flexible solutions combine to supplement and complement an existing IT team allowing our clients to meet various internal challenges.

Minimise the risk, duration, disruption and cost of migrations

LifecycleStor are experts in the field of data migrations with all services provided in house. LifecycleStor do not subcontract work out.

We have a proven track record of migrating our customers’ data, on time, on budget, and with no data loss. We are also very proud to have 100% customer satisfaction, and we are confident that we can do the same for you.

LifecycleStor delivers unmatched precision, predictability and transparency to help you painlessly migrate your data to a new storage platform that’s right for your business.

Have peace of mind in the knowledge that you have the ability to access LifecycleStor technical resources using prepaid 15 minutes units to supplement or increase technical capability and replace the missing cog as and when required.

NASessor provides you with real insight into your data, so we can design, build and implement the best solution within your budget requirements.

News / Blog

What happens when Vendor Warranties Expire?

Vendor Warranties don’t last forever. Then you are hit with a huge bill for extended maintenance. The question is: Do I have an option? You do now…   More and more companies are keeping IT hardware in service for longer—frequently outstripping the standard warranty, and sometimes reaching beyond the manufacturer’s commitment to its own equipment. ....


Technologies we work with

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