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    Companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs, but still need to find ways to improve operations.

    To extend legacy hardware lifecycles is fast becoming a chosen way forward and not only reduces maintenance costs but also allows companies to push back unnecessary hardware refreshes, allowing organisations to continue to use hardware that is still fit for purpose rather than being forced into replacing it.

    Balancing essential production and legacy hardware can present challenges, but the added complexity of such an environment is becoming increasingly necessary to maximise the value of data centre systems.

    LifecycleStor can resolve many of these issues by giving IT Managers a straightforward, extended support service, regardless of the equipment age or vendor. This lets you concentrate on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your legacy equipment is being supported in a cost-effective manner.


    • Cost

    LifecycleStor support is typically far more cost-effective, making your support budgets stretch further.


    • Flexibility

    We provide and support bespoke support contracts, providing flexibility to suit any requirements.


    • Simplification

    Our Support Portal allows you to simply manage your support contracts across different storage, server and networking equipment.


    • Duration

    LifecycleStor can provide extended support for longer than most vendors, giving you more time to plan and implement infrastructure upgrades.


    • Value

    Our services can be tailored to suit your requirements, with support contracts from three months through to five years.


    Call LifecycleStor today to find out more information about our offers and expert advice on 0844 884 9585

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