Cloud Offering


LifecycleStor Cloud Services offers a choice of public, private or hybrid solutions that are scalable, flexible and secure with a cost effective pricing model.

With LifecycleStor’s in-house built file assessment tool, will firstly assess your data to identify the actual amount of cold data in your own environment, rather than rely on industry statistics, as every environment uses data differently and has very different usage trends. By assessing your own data, we can report back not only on the amount of cold data that is stored on tier 1 storage but also filter this down by file type, file size or categorise data into application types allowing our customers to make informed decisions based on assessment reports on their own actual data.

It is not always viable to migrate all cold data to a cloud offering as dependent upon your business, certain file types may need to be kept close to hand. With our assessment services we can identify the data for you and provide reports based on your own actual data therefore ensuring you only migrate the appropriate data to the cloud, reducing costs of storage and egress charges.

By taking this approach, we are confident that the right cloud solution can be provided for your specific business needs.

Our services provide an end to end cloud solution, ensuring value for money, performance and safe and secure storage of your data based upon your business requirements and compliance needs.


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