What happens when Vendor Warranties Expire?


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  • What happens when Vendor Warranties Expire?

    Vendor Warranties don’t last forever. Then you are hit with a huge bill for extended maintenance. The question is: Do I have an option? You do now…


    More and more companies are keeping IT hardware in service for longer—frequently outstripping the standard warranty, and sometimes reaching beyond the manufacturer’s commitment to its own equipment. Neither situation necessitates sending more money to the vendor, just to protect against hardware failures, bugs, and other problems.


    Warranty Support Renewals

    When the original warranty, Care Pack, or other agreement with the vendor expires, customers should weigh up the pros and cons of renewing the maintenance directly with the vendor against alternatives which can be cheaper and delivery the same, if not better, hardware support.

    LifecycleStor offer the same extended warranty service at costs of 75% less than the vendor charges. Most contracts will include 24/7 remote monitoring, full component coverage, on-site parts installation, and other benefits of any vendor support arrangement.

    The end-of-service-life game continues. Original equipment manufacturers want your support pence for a while, but their ultimate goal is to keep you to their preferred hardware lifecycle. If you purchase new hardware, the vendor will eventually rescind support service for your older gear.

    Many IT professionals believe EOSL is the end of the road. But that’s not true anymore. LifecycleStor can provide vendor quality support long after the vendor walks away. While some put their own time limits on such post-EOSL support contracts, LifecycleStor does not. We support whatever equipment our clients need in their environment, for as long as they need it.

    By cutting down on premature upgrades and all the costs that come with them—capital expenditure, training, migration, etc. we help clients realise even greater savings and affordable contracts with vendor level support.

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