Isn’t cloud storage great?


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    You’ve got to admit, cloud storage services such as iCloud and OneDrive are really handy for personal use, allowing you to take loads of photos on your smartphone, safe in the knowledge that if something happens to it, you don’t lose that once-in-a-lifetime snap that you took on holiday.  And with subscription services like Office 365 offering users 1TB of cloud storage each for very low headline prices, it really does seem like very good value.

    But is it the right choice for enterprise data?  Often the answer is no, whether for performance reasons, data sovereignty reasons, or the often-overlooked cost of getting your data out of the cloud and stored somewhere else if the service levels or commercial model change in the future.

    If you’re considering cloud storage, talk to LifecycleStor first, as we can offer you impartial advice on whether cloud storage is right for you.

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