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    Once upon a time, the way an application communicated with the underlying storage system was simple. The application used the host’s operating system to control all storage access, and the host worried about which disk(s) it would use and how. Then, along came shared storage arrays which allowed multiple hosts to share a common storage system, but the host operating system still took care of things, presenting the storage back to the applications as it always had.

    But these days, there are more specialised storage systems, like Centera, as well as the increasing number of cloud storage systems, and these use APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for the applications to communicate. This is all well and good, until you want to migrate your application from one storage system to another.

    If the new system doesn’t use the same protocols as the old one, then you could be in for some trouble. While there are various ways of migrating the data from the old system to the new (all of which LifecycleStor are expert in, and would be more than pleased to talk to you about!) but also the applications themselves also need to be able to ‘see’ their data on the new storage system. If the application doesn’t (or can’t) use the correct API then you may need some sort of gateway. But if it does, the chances are that the applications’ internal databases will need to be updated. Again, LifecycleStor can help, as we are able to do this very thing for numerous major applications – relieving you free to choose the most relevant storage system for your applications.

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