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    When you check into a hotel, or you’re in a coffee shop and using the WiFi, what’s your first thought when your applications run slow? Probably to blame the WiFi. Most people do, but it’s not always the WiFi’s fault. Good application performance depends on so many links in a very long chain – the WiFi being one of the very last. Chances are, the network that the WiFi is connected to may not have enough capacity to cope with the ever-increasing number of users who are making more and more use of data while out and about.

    And if you’re a company that provides WiFi for your customers, then your WiFi is the best way for you to disappoint or delight your customers.

    LCS are partners with Brocade, who in turn have joined forces with Ruckus. This partnership can give a real advantage, offering innovative technologies such as Ethernet Fabric and BeamFlex+, more cost-effectively than you might think. If you want to know more, then come and visit LCS at Stand JJ13 at IP EXPO EUROPE Today. Just ask for Dave!


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