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    With the ever-increasing amount of unstructured data from users’ home drives and project folders, plus the continual rise in the amount of structured data which needs to be retained for ever-longer periods, chances are your current storage system is filling up at quite a pace.

    With our consultative approach, and by using our own NASessor tool along with other specialist analysis software, we can properly analyse your data and make informed recommendations on what products are most relevant to you, whether it be a new storage platform or a mixture of an archive platform with lower capacity tier 1 storage, but also to help you understand how to migrate from your existing platform to any new solution. This migration element is often overlooked, and without the correct tools and expertise, a seemingly simple task can consume much more resource than you’d originally thought.

    Why not come and see us at IP EXPO on 5th and 6th October? We’ll be at Stand JJ13 – just ask for Dave!

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