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    Most companies that buy new storage also purchase vendor maintenance agreements. These companies are used to vendor agreements and feel safe with them. After all, the vendor made the equipment, it issues software and firmware updates, and it usually has a strong international presence with strong engineering resources.


    On the other hand, a vendor’s size can become unwieldy, and this often shows in their lack of flexibility. Vendors typically have a strict set of one-size-fits all SLAs, and escalations can be cumbersome and frustrating. Vendors also have very limited multi-vendor support, so you are left with managing multiple OEM contracts. And, the way prices are trending, you’ll also end up paying through the teeth for it.


    Are there any alternatives?


    YES! Once you learn about third-party IT maintenance, its flexibility is hard to resist. Third-party maintenance companies, like LifecycleStor tend to be much more flexible with SLAs, customising your agreement to fit specific requirements. Maintenance costs, especially on older equipment, can be much less expensive with third-party providers. Escalations typically happen more quickly and fluidly, and our case, you are placed directly in contact with top engineers without having to jump through the escalation hoops. Third-party maintainers also support a much larger variety of equipment and can bundle a variety of vendors into a single maintenance contract, reducing the number of maintenance contracts you have to manage.


    LifecycleStor is the fastest growing 3rd Party Maintenance company in the world with top level, industry trained engineers and 100% customer satisfaction it is easy to understand why.


    So, what is Third Party vendor Maintenance?


    Companies like LifecycleStor offer high-quality vendor maintenance, as well as other vendors, but are not affiliated with any vendor. Employing only the highest trained Level 3 engineers, experienced with vendor hardware and code, we offer a comprehensive vendor maintenance service that encompass:

    Post-EOSL support. Many customers first become aware of third party maintenance when vendor ends primary support on a key piece of hardware. Rather than upgrading, customers find they can keep their storage in place with support by using a third party maintenance provider at a much lower cost that renewing the maintenance with vendor or refreshing the environment.


    Post-warranty support. Even before EOSL, third party vendor maintenance offers numerous advantages, including lower cost, better responsiveness, and more flexible options than the vendor’s maintenance. As a result, many customers switch from vendor to an alternative provider as soon as the initial warranty expires.


    Single Contract. To make life easier for Data Centre and other IT managers, we offer contracts that can incorporate equipment from multiple vendors under a single contract. One number to call for all the equipment covered, as well as spares on site.


    Why is 3rd Party Maintenance winning market share from the vendors?


    Beyond offering the range of service options that IT leaders have been seeking, third party vendor maintenance has challenged vendors by providing:

    Cost. Contracts are available at 30% to 70% less than vendor, meaning you can save substantial amount of money by selecting a third party maintenance provider rather than renewing with vendor.


    Performance. When you take 3rd Party Maintenance from LifecycleStor you’ll have immediate access to a Level 3 engineer dedicated to your account, who can arrive on site promptly, parts in hand, whenever a problem arises. Just choose a support level, and we’ll meet or exceed the SLAs, and you will have spares on site for an even quicker fix.


    Flexibility. A customisable suite of vendor maintenance services, the ability to support equipment long after EOSL, multi-vendor capabilities, and other features make LifecycleStor a truly customer-focused maintenance provider.


    If this is the first you’re hearing about alternative support providers, find out more with by calling our specialist team on 0844 884 9585 and see if you want to join the stampede from vendor to third party maintenance with LifecycleStor.

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